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The classic hobble skirt Bludwine bottle was first used from the beginning of the company in 1906.  A very plain slug plate with the word Bludwine in script above TRADEMARK in a banner at the center of the bottle was used first.   Over the next couple of years as the company grew and new franchises began to open the names of each franchise was then added to the bottle inside the slug plate. By 1910 a more elaborate hobble skirt bottle was introduced.  The wreath made of wheat sheaths and a cluster of grapes with the slogan “FOR YOUR HEATH’S SAKE” were added to the bottle.   The grapes and wheat represented the wholesomeness of the product.  A much thinner bottle was introduced in 1918 after a patent was issued for the design.  This bottle had the grapes removed but retained the wheat wreath and slogan.  After the court cases of 1918 the “FOR YOUR HEALTH’S SAKE” slogan was replaced by “MAKES YOU GLAD YOU’RE THIRSTY’ which had been in use since 1915 in various advertising.  In 1920 the company changed the name of Bludwine to Budwine to distance itself from the blood reference. The new Budwine bottles were similar to the bottle patented in 1918. 

Early no city Bludwine bottle ca. 1908 - 1912.
Pensacola, Florida Bludwine bottle ca. 1913.
Dallas, Texas Bludwine bottle ca. 1915 - 1917.
Athens, Georgia Bludwine bottle ca. 1918 - 1920.