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Here is a list of cities where Bludwine or Budwine Bottling plants were located and I currently do not have an example of the bottle.  I am searching for items from these cities to complete my collection.  I am willing to pay top dollar for items in excellent condition.  The dates listed after each city indicates the appoximate date of opening, if blank I am not sure of the date.  The list could change due to items I find, please email me today

Cities with Bludwine or Budwine Bottling Plants

San Bernardino, California ca. 1916

Americus, Georgia ca. 1912

Arlington, Georgia ca. 1912

Columbus, Georgia ca. 1912

Gainesville, Georgia ca. 1916

Newark, New Jersey ca. 1914

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ca. 1916

Florence, South Carolina ca. 1916

Wesminster, South Carolina ca. 1915

Woodruff, South Carolina ca. 1912

Houston, Texas ca. 1913

Paris, Texas ca. 1913

Danville, Virginia

West Point, Virginia

Lynchburg, Virginia ca. 1916

Roanoke, Virginia

Seattle, Washington

La Crosse, Wisconsin



Other items I am currently looking for include, but not limited to:  

Bludwine or Budwine serving or tip tray

Bludwine or Budwine calendars

Bludwine or Budwine bottle caps

Bludwine tokens